Batu’s ‘Key’ Candidate Pledges Alliance to Tian Chua

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The youngest GE14 candidate, who is suddenly in the spotlight following Pakatan’s endorsement, says he will never join BN.

In his first-ever speech, independent candidate for the Batu parliamentary seat P Prabakaran says he entered the political arena so the youth will have a voice.

The second-year law student told those gathered at a ceramah in Sentul on Friday night (May 4) that he would use Parliament as a platform for youth to be heard.

“I am entering the political arena because I want to speak for youths… Old people always warn youths that politics is dirty.

“Therefore, the youths must clean it up because we are not corrupted.

“Parliament mostly has people who are 50 years old and above. The youths must take over Parliament.

“Democracy is not just about voting…I will use this platform for the development of youth, not just Batu but the whole nation,” he said in a short two-minute speech.

His inexperience was evident during his speech but he made up for that with raw passion, shouting “where are the youth?”

At the event, Tian Chua raised the hand of the 22-year-old, who is the youngest candidate in GE14.

“They cannot continue playing their dirty tactics. This has to stop,” he told the crowd of about 1,000 in Bandar Baru Sentul.

Chua, who was disqualified from defending the seat he had held for the past two terms acknowledged that Prabakaran was still raw and not fully acquainted with the intricacies of politics, but appeared to be willing to learn.

“When I asked him why he wanted to stand in the elections, he himself was unsure. He said he wanted to enter politics and get a feel of the democratic process.

“He is young and innocent…I like young people who are brave,” he said.

“I am not sure he can immediately handle the burden of being elected, but my promise is I will help him do his duty. I will never leave Batu,” he vowed.

Chua, however, sidestepped the question of whether Prabakaran had become a member of a political party in the Pakatan Harapan (PH) pact, the Malay Mail reported

“I am absolutely clear the candidate we endorse follows and subscribes to the principles of PH,” he was quoted saying.

Prabakaran indicated that he had yet to join any party, saying he would comment further after the election.

He said he will consider it since there are people from his close circle encouraging him to join PH.

“There were no terms and conditions. People are encouraging me to join PH,” he said.

He added that the causes he will be fighting for are similar to the ones with PH.

“With the help of Pakatan Harapan, I feel confident, but would still need the help of all their supporters,” Prabakaran was quoted saying.

He, however, said he will never join Barisan Nasional (BN) if he wins his seat at GE14.

“I am very sure…I will not join BN,” he said when asked whether he can give assurance that he will not join BN.

He was speaking to reporters at his first political ceramah with PKR leaders last night at his constituency.

He also said he will channel the voters’ support back to PKR vice-president Tian Chua.

He added that he had not given much thought to winning prior to Chua’s endorsement nor considered the other Batu candidates – Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Dominic Lau, Azhar Yahya from PAS, and fellow independent Datuk VM Panjamothy – as fierce rivals.

“I was not against Tian Chua, I did not plan to win before I entered this arena.

“Now with his help, I will look to assist my voters in getting their issues out there.

“This is a golden opportunity for me to build my platform and I feel good (about this),” he was quoted saying.

Prabakaran was also confident that he would be able to balance life as a student and an MP if he won the election.

“I will be a great example to the youths, and I will continue my education. Education is the most vital.”

Chua said that despite the circumstances over his disqualification, he would be back one day.

“This is only temporary. We will make an appeal at a higher court until my eligibility as an MP is clear,” he said.

A pamphlet featuring Chua and Prabakaran has been circulating on social media, telling voters to “cross the key for PKR”.

“When we see the key, we see the flag of Keadilan.

“Beside the Keadilan flag will be the key, the key to Putrajaya,” he said, referring to independent candidate Prabakaran’s ballot symbol as assigned by the Election Commission (EC).

He urged his supporters to direct their votes that were meant for him to Prabakaran instead.

Chua was disqualified by the EC from being a candidate for the seat on nomination day.

The reason given was an RM2,000 fine imposed on him by a High Court on March 2.