Bersatu Youth Not for Muhyiddin as PM

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A split in support for Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin as candidate for prime minister has emerged in the party, as its youth (Armada) chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman declares in a video that he will never work with corrupt people nor form a government with them.

Syed Saddiq, who is Muar MP, released his video on Twitter at 8.05am.

“I became a politician at a time when my country was viewed with disdain by the world and embarrassed by corruption.

“I believed that Malaysians have the right to a better government. One that is free from corruption, respected and with dignity.

“I will not work with a party of corrupt people and much less form a government with them.

“This is not about party or majority. This is about identity and integrity,” Syed Saddiq said in a video message uploaded on Twitter this morning.

Prior to Bersatu’s pullout from Pakatan Harapan on Monday, Syed Saddiq was also Pakatan Harapan (PH) youth chief.

“I know my decision is not going to be liked by some politicians, but politicians come and go and Malaysians are the true masters of the nation.”

He did not state who he would support for prime minister in the video, but this marks a clear departure from the party’s stand to support Muhyiddin.

In a separate statement that followed his Twitter video, Syed Saddiq denied reports that all of Bersatu’s 36 MPs had signed statutory declarations supporting Muhyiddin.

Bersatu has 36 MPs now after Mohamed Azmin Ali’s faction of former PKR lawmakers joined the party.

“I never signed any agreement or declaration on this matter. As Muar MP, I will never agree with any cooperation formed through dirty politics led by (Umno’s) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi or Najib Razak.

“This is against the agenda of the New Malaysia that was voted in in the 14th general election,” he said in a statement issued with the Muar MP letterhead.

As of yesterday, Muhyiddin was confident of the support of 97 MPs.

This comprised 36 from Bersatu, and includes former PKR MPs in Mohamed Azmin Ali’s team, 39 from Umno, 18 from PAS, two from MCA, one each from MIC and PBRS.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, meanwhile, has 93 MPs, all of whom are from PH.

Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS), which has 18 MPs, is to announce its stand today, while Parti Warisan Sabah’s nine MPs and Upko’s one have previously aligned with the old PH government but yet to make clear on the new developments.

The Armada wing also appears to support Syed Saddiq, with a statement today that it remained in support of Dr Mahathir Mohamad as candidate for prime minister.

During the Bersatu supreme council on Monday, before developments that led to a switch in favour of Muhyiddin, who is willing to work with Umno, whereas Dr Mahathir had only said he would work with those who quit Umno.

“The MPs’ decision (to support Muhyiddin) does not represent the party as it did not obtain any mandate from the supreme council,” Aizad Roslan, Armada vice-chief in a statement sent out at 8.25am today.

“Armada will support the mandate given in GE14 and place its trust in Dr Mahathir as Bersatu chairman.

“Once again, Armada maintains its position that it will not cooperate with individuals who are involved in corruption and are on trial.”