Bouncer to Hang for Murder of Bill Kayong

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Sentenced to death for mafia-style shooting which killed native rights activist.

A 30-year-old bouncer Mohamad Fitri Pauzi was sent to the gallows by the High Court in Miri after he was found guilty of murdering Miri PKR secretary Bill Kayong in June 2016.

Judge Ravinthran N Paramaguru when delivering the verdict today said his decision was based on the circumstantial and physical evidence tendered by the prosecution that clearly proved the accused had committed the offence at the traffic light intersection near E-Mart supermarket in Kuala Baram bypass at 8.20am on June 21 last year.

“I hereby find the accused guilty of the charge of murder,” he said in a packed courtroom filled by the deceased relatives and friends.

Ravinthran said the prosecution had proven that the accused had the intention to commit the offence by testing the shotgun used in the murder in a secluded area, as it showed that the accused had made elaborate preparation to commit the act.

He said the court could not accept the accused’s argument that the weapon was used for hunting purposes as the accused can go straight to hunting areas without testing the weapon in a secluded area first.

On June 6 last year, 46-year-old businessman Datuk Stephen Lee Chee Kiang, who was charged with abetting the killing of Kayong, was discharged and acquitted by the Miri High Court without his defence being called.

Two other accused, Lie Chang Loon and Chin Wei Chung, were also released and acquitted in June from the charge of being accomplices in the murder.

Fitri, the man accused of pulling the trigger in the shooting, was, however, ordered to enter his defence.

Wearing a black hooded sweater, Fitri appeared calm when the court interpreter explained to him in Malay the court decision.

Deputy public prosecutor Nur Nisla Latiif appeared for the prosecution, while Fitri was represented by counsel Ranbir Singh and counsel Majen Panyong did a watching brief for the family of Bill, whose Muslim name was Mohd Hasbie Abdullah.

A total of 28 prosecution witnesses were called during the trial while Fitri was the sole defence witness.

Fitri was charged under section 302 of the Penal Code which provides for the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.