Bukit Gasing Rep Submits Motion on Anti-Party-Hopping Law

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Bukit Gasing assemblyperson Rajiv Rishyakaran has submitted a motion to the Selangor state assembly which calls for politicians, who leave the parties they were elected under, to be required to automatically vacate their seats.

Rajiv told Malaysiakini that he submitted the motion under Standing Orders 26 (1) to the state assembly’s secretary’s office on June 26 via a letter which was marked received on June 29.

He said he was proposing that state laws be amended with an anti-party-hopping measure in light of the rampant switching of allegiances by elected officials which contributed to the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan administration at the federal level earlier this year.

“We have two stages in law-making and the first stage is about the approval of the principle. The second part is detailed wording,” he said.

Eira Athirah/Malaysiakini

“The whole idea is about switching allegiances – should people be allowed to switch sides midway and betray the people’s mandate? We are not forcing you to never switch allegiance, but because you were elected on one platform (e.g. Pakatan Harapan) by the voters, you should step down if you want to change sides.”

Rajiv acknowledged that the wording may need to be tightened to deal with the cases of representatives who were elected on a party that was part of a coalition, and then the party itself split apart with members leaving the coalition, as has happened with Bersatu.

“We are going to listen to people’s feedback to fine-tune the legal wording. I personally am very opposed to those who jump, regardless of which direction,” he said.

The Selangor state assembly is due to commence its sitting next week on July 13, the same day that Parliament reconvenes.

Rajiv said he also submitted another resolution calling on the Selangor government to speed up the replacement of broken or damaged water pipes in the state to reduce water supply disruption to the people. – Malaysiakini