Chinese Circus Tiger Escapes from Cage, Attacks Two Children

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In the middle of a performance in a northern Chinese village, a circus tiger broke out of its cage and escaped into the crowd, injuring two children in the audience.


 A grainy video on a news portal showed the tiger escaping from the cage while it was surrounded by a large crowd watching it and two other animals perform under the guidance of two trainers at a local fair.

The crowd then scattered in confusion.

A few members of the audience were knocked to the ground in the stampede as circus staff went in pursuit of the animal.

An unnamed local policeman told the website that the tiger had been caught and locked in its cage soon after the break-out, according to the South China Morning Post.

He added that an investigation by the township government into the incident is underway.

It was also reported that the victims, both children, have now returned home after receiving treatment at a local hospital.

It was unclear how serious their wounds were.