Couple in Suspected Murder-Suicide at Luxury HK Residence

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Bloody fight scene in flat belonging to couple.

  • Couple were government employees, married two years ago
  • Husband accused of extramarital affairs, had moved out last week
  • Man returned to 28th-floor flat at 5am 
  • Couple quarrelled
  • Bodies found on patios of fifth-floor flats at 6.23am
  • Pool of blood in flat, knives in kitchen basin
  • Police believe the man attacked his wife, threw her off the balcony and then jumped down

Fong Yin-ting, 29, and her husband Chow Wai-fai, 30, fell from a flat in The Coronation at 1 Yau Cheung Road in Yau Ma Tei, on the eve of the Hungry Ghost Festival. A security guard found their bodies at 6.23am on Monday and called police immediately.

The woman was found dead next to her husband, both having fallen from their 28th-floor flat in a luxury apartment block in Hong Kong. Knife wounds were found on the woman’s neck, back and arms.

Police found a pool of blood and damaged furniture in the living room of the couple’s flat and a trail of bloody footprints leading to the balcony from which they fell.

It is understood the couple were government employees; Fong was an acting information officer at the Information Services Department and her husband was an acting senior foreman at the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s cleansing section, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported, citing a government source.

The couple married two years ago. Preliminary investigation revealed the two had marital problems. The husband had allegedly been having extramarital affairs and had moved out of the flat last week.

According to SCMP, police said Chow got back to the flat before 5am, when neighbours heard what sounded like a quarrel inside the flat. The husband and wife were dead about 90 minutes later.

They fell onto the patios of fifth-floor flats. Chief Inspector Lam Chi-yuen of the Yau Tsim district crime squad said they were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police broke into the couple’s flat, which was locked from inside.

They found knives in the kitchen basin and believed one of them, about 20cm long, had been used as a weapon. No suicide note was discovered at the scene.

“We don’t rule out the possibility that knife wounds led to her death,” Lam said. He added that further tests were needed to determine the cause of the woman’s death.

It was believed that Fong was attacked and moved from the living room to the balcony where she was thrown from the building before her husband jumped down.

Police are looking for a cabbie who took Chow from Kowloon City to his residence at about 4.30am to establish his mental state at the time.

The case is being treated as a murder-suicide.