Court told AGC won’t prosecute preachers said to have insulted other faiths

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Police had classified their cases as “no further action”.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) today said it has no plans to prosecute two Muslim converts for allegedly insulting non-Islamic faiths in a case that saw more than 200 people outside the Shah Alam courthouse today.

Appearing on behalf of the AGC, deputy public prosecutor (DPP) Ainul Amirah said the AGC was unwilling to prosecute Perlis-based preacher Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu and Multiracial Reverted Muslims founder and president Firdaus Wong Wai Hung as police had classified their cases as “no further action” (NFA).

The duo are both allegedly linked to controversial preacher Zakir Naik, and the case’s plaintiff S Shashi Kumar, said more than 1,000 police reports have been lodged against Zamri for insulting non-Islamic faiths and their religious practices.

“Since we have been informed that the case is classified under NFA, the DPP is unwilling to proceed further.


“The DPP does not want to be involved in this case,” Ainul told the magistrates’ court today.

In response, Shashi’s lawyer T Gunaseelan said he was confident that “there is more than sufficient evidence” and stated that Shashi had already applied to commence private prosecution against the pair under Section 133 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

“The applicant can continue with the prosecution as we believe we have enough proof to prosecute the duo,” Gunaseelan said.

“We find their posts on social media to be highly seditious,” he said.

Gunaseelan, who is assisted by S Ravichandran, previously said that should the magistrate find basis for the various police reports lodged against Zamri and Firdaus, charges could be brought against them under the Sedition Act, the Penal Code and the Communications and Multimedia Act.

Magistrate Mohamad Redza Azhar Rezali gave Gunaseelan until May 10 to submit a written submission as to whether private prosecution can be commenced in respect of a seizable offence, a matter which Ainul earlier said was not permissible.

Redza said he would decide on whether to grant Shashi permission for private prosecution at the next hearing on May 28.

Speaking to FMT, Shashi said the DPP’s stance made it seem as if the government was giving Zamri and Firdaus free rein to continue making such “seditious statements”.

“Look at the crowd here today. This case is of national interest. The DPP’s decision not to prosecute is a double-standard in terms of law enforcement and policies,” he told FMT.

“There are so many non-Muslims who have been jailed for insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. The law should apply to all, and all Malaysians have equal protection under the Federal Constitution.

“There is so much evidence against Zamri and Firdaus, so we do not understand how the police can classify this as NFA.

“What is their (Zamri and Firdaus) business talking about other religions and instigating and provoking non-Muslims?” – FMT