Criticism not personal, Syed Saddiq tells Hannah Yeoh

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Former Muda president Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman today said his criticism of DAP and other former allies stemmed from his concern about Malaysia’s trajectory.

Responding to Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh who said she found his remarks hurtful, he said he needed to share his criticism even if it affected personal relationships.

“To my friend, Hannah Yeoh, this is not about me, nor our friendship; this is about the future of Malaysia.

“I respect you & your thoughts. Allow me to share mine. I worry for Malaysia’s future. A future where corruption is normalised by the political elites,” he said on Facebook.

Among others, he said Pakatan Harapan parties have become notably silent about the littoral combat ship (LSC) scandal that was costing the country billions of ringgit.

Syed Saddiq this was a stark difference when they still had been in the Opposition.

“Billions of dollars in taxpayer money lost in the LCS corruption scandal, completely muted post-election by the very same people who spoke against it before.

“The unconscionable dropping of countless criminal charges against newfound friends and the political vendetta against newfound enemies,” he added.

He then highlighted the trend of selective prosecution, where minor offences result in harsh penalties while grand corruption goes unpunished.

Syed Saddiq said the failure to address these matters today could have devastating consequences for future generations.

In an interview published yesterday, Yeoh said she found Syed Saddiq’s criticism of her party hurtful. – MMO