DAP leader slams PN over ‘plot to overthrow govt’

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A DAP leader has slammed Perikatan Nasional for continuing to play up the narrative that the federal government can be changed if the coalition wins big in the six state elections.

According to DAP central executive committee member Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali, the remark showed that PN was bankrupt of ideas and cowardly.

“They (PN) have no policies to resolve issues and develop states and have to use the changing government narrative as their cheap propaganda.

“PN also has no dignity because they are still talking about seizing power at the federal level.

“This is when the Yang di-Pertuan Agong decreed that political stability and economic recovery should be prioritised after last year’s 15th general election (GE15),” Sheikh Umar, who is also Johor DAP vice chairperson, said in a statement today.

Yesterday, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang claimed that a major victory for PN in the upcoming six state elections would cause a change in the federal government.

Bersatu deputy president Ahmad Faizal Azumu reportedly said there are other ways the federal government can be changed, despite the anti-party-hopping law being in force.

Commenting on this, Sheikh Umar questioned what happened to PN’s pledge that it would play the role of constructive opposition after GE15 last year.

“All those were lies. It’s not even been a year, and they (PN) have shown their true self.”

He urged voters in the six states going to the polls this Saturday to see the “real face” of PN.

“They are merely after power and are not interested in developing a state or the country.” – Malaysiakini