DAP’s Marina Ibrahim Urges Youths to Join Politics, Reject Racist Politics

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The publicity secretary of Johor DAP’s Women wing, Marina Ibrahim, said that she joined the party as she has her own battles to fight.

The 33-year-old, who is among DAP’s few Malay members, added that she did not want to be pigeonholed by the racial agenda and that she hoped to change how Malays viewed the party.

“During our school days, we could see the unity of all races. But now, when statements are issued, it’s like there’s no interaction with other races.

Firdaus Latif

“Therefore, I wanted to do something and that’s why I chose DAP which is fair and democratic to all races,” she told ProjekMM in an exclusive interview recently.

Marina, who holds a diploma in marketing from Merlimau Polytechnic, stressed that she did not see any contradictions between DAP and the Malay community.

She explained that DAP is not just a political party but also a social work platform with multiracial involvement.

“DAP is my platform to provide help. People might be upset and ask why I don’t choose another party.

“We always have the wrong impression of non-Malays. We only know how to be angry for nothing. But I believe it will change gradually.

“So, I do community activities such as teaching Jawi, Bahasa Malaysia and lantern-making to various races,” she said.

“My friends once couldn’t even speak Malay, but now, their fluency is improving.

“If we carry on chastising and ill-treating them, there won’t be any changes. But if we try a little harder, we could see some results,” she added.

Marina, who entered politics in 2016, credits both non-Malay DAP MPs and several Umno leaders for imparting valuable lessons to her.

“I learned to be a courageous person. Some accused Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching of not doing her job during a mosque visit.

“However, she patiently told them to see her work on Facebook. She spoke softly and smiled.

“From there, I learned that even though people might try to hurt you with words, you don’t have to respond,” she said.

Similarly, Marina said former Negri Sembilan mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, who is also known as Tok Mat, has done the same.

“Even though he is from a different political background, I support what Tok Mat has done, where he said traders can do business as long as they do not make the place dirty or cause problems. I like that principle and I follow what is good,” she said.

Marina also advised youths to not shun politics, even though they might be disappointed with the political scenario in the country of late.

“There are some who use political parties for racial issues. Why don’t we break people’s prejudice?

“Politics is important for the public interest and if young people do not come to the fore, they leave power in the hands of certain parties,” she said.

“If something is wrong, we should correct it. There’s no point sowing hatred by sitting in front of computers. Join politics. Your perceptions will change, and your voice will be heard,” she said. – MMO