Dian responds to criticism over her involvement in politics

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Entrepreneur Dian Lee has responded to criticism from netizens on her recent high-profile addition to the newly-formed youth-based political party, Muda.

Taking to Twitter, she said that she understood the scepticism surrounding her involvement in politics and welcomed the scrutiny.

“I understand where those who are sceptical about my involvement in politics are coming from. Malaysians have been hurt and deceived too many times.

“There is a high level of frustration with the state of our country, and it is understandable why there is suspicion. I think this scrutiny is healthy and necessary for accountability,” she said.

Dian said that her involvement in politics left her with more to lose than to gain.

“I cannot dictate who my father is. All I can say is I have my own principles, values and beliefs.

“What should be obvious is that I surely didn’t join a new opposition party for any enrichment reasons. In fact, there is more to lose than to gain.

“Only through time will I be able to demonstrate to my fellow Malaysians that my heart and intentions are to build a more progressive, transparent, and inclusive Malaysia for the sake of our future and children,” she said.

Dian is the daughter of property tycoon Lee Kim Yew.

Kim Yew, who is known to be a close associate of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, has fallen out of favour with opposition supporters following the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government after just 22 months in power.

Dian had recently joined Muda – with her involvement as a member of a well-connected tycoon family sparking much online discourse on social media, where Muda has a strong following, on whether it is a boon or bane for a party seeking to break from the past.

Many critics have questioned whether her affluent background will leave her disconnected from the party’s grassroots and working-class supporters when it comes to issues such as minimum wage and progressive taxation due to her affluent background. – Malaysiakini

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