‘Disgusting, obscene,’ Dr Amalina slams sexual comments about 9-week-old daughter

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Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri, as a Malaysia-born surgeon in the United Kingdom, has probably faced her share of sexual comments and innuendo.

However, this time she has drawn the line at such comments, aimed not at her, but her 9-week-old daughter.

Left disgusted by the comments, she has slammed some Malaysian netizens and media organisations with no ethics.

She explained what happened in a Twitter thread, which she started off by saying she had been torn as to whether to speak out about what happened.

“I was torn about whether to write this, but I decided to speak out because some Malay Muslim men and women had made sexual statements about my daughter who is just 9 weeks old.

“I regularly share medical knowledge with my followers on Instagram Q&A…one of the questions from my followers went viral and was picked up by some tabloids.

“The question asked was ‘Are whether there circumcision services for baby girls in (the) UK?’ and my answer was ‘No, it’s illegal in the UK!!’.”

Dr Amalina said this was picked up by certain media organisations.

What happened next was what disgusted the 35-year-old who was born in Kota Baru.

The articles were posted on Facebook and the comments sections were filled with postings that were “disgusting, insulting and obscene”.

“I am not affected by words thrown at me, but they had crossed the line when they made sexual comments about my innocent daughter. Please leave my daughter alone.”

In the Twitter thread, Dr Amalina posted screenshots of some of these comments.

Now, she is in the midst of seeking legal recourse “as a lesson to all”.

“I also want to reprimand the writers of articles who like to come up with clickbait headlines or take trivial stories from my IG to sensationalise and encourage Muslim Malays to fight and slander each other.


“Where are your ethics? Even the comments section has no moderation. I hope this matter gets the attention of the authorities.”

Dr Amalina said she had never criticised Islamic laws.

“I have always maintained (to my followers) that if they are in Malaysia, follow the fatwas and laws in Malaysia,” she said.

She also shared pictures of notices about female genital circumcision, which is known as female genital mutiliation in the UK.

One was from the Islamic Shariah Council which said it is unIslamic, while the other said that it is illegal in the UK and carries a prison sentence of up to 14 years. – NST