Do Not Go Overboard, Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki Warns Bersatu

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Bersatu should know its place and not go overboard with its statements, warned Umno youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, after his opposite number in Bersatu released a statement yesterday that appears to have ruffled party feathers.

Bersatu youth chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal said the Sabah election was won because of the Perikatan Nasional leadership under Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Do not go overboard because Umno members also have dignity. We will not give in forever.


“My advice is to be allies and friends, we need to be honest and sincere,” Asyraf said in a statement on Facebook.

The former minister said Umno has been magnanimous enough to allow Bersatu lead federal government, plus the states of Perak and Sabah – even though Umno had a majority stake.

“When we want to save the federal government, Umno-BN with the largest seat of 43 MPs, for the sake of the people and with a big heart, gave in to Bersatu, which only has six plus 15 MPs (who jumped from Umno) to appoint Muhyiddin as prime minister,” said Asyraf.

He added that it was the same case in Perak when Umno supported Bersatu deputy president Ahmad Faisal Azmuzu as menteri besar.

Following the Sabah election, Bersatu man Hajiji Mohd Noor has been made chief minister, despite Umno previously nominating its Sabah chief, Bung Moktar Radin.

“When we want to establish the Sabah government, we once again gave in to Bersatu, which has only 11 seats (compared to Umno’s 14) to appoint Hajiji as chief minister,” Asyraf said.

Wan Fayhsal said Gabungan Rakyat Sabah – which consists of Umno, Bersatu and PBS – won the state as it was under Perikatan Nasional and the leadership of Muhyiddin.

Wan Fayhsal, the deputy youth and sports minister, predicted that this strength would spill over to the next general election, where PN would win handsomely.

“PN proved to have its own strength even though it’s barely a year since it was formed.

“The recent Merdeka Centre study shows PN might be able to capture two-thirds of the Dewan Rakyat if there is no three-cornered fight,” Wan Fayhsal said.

He added PN was a new coalition not plagued by legacy issues, trust deficit and leadership crises.

“The strength lies with the Bersatu president, Muhyiddin, whom we know is not greedy or arrogant.

“He celebrates co-operation to ensure the main goal of forming a government, which is strong, trustworthy and full of integrity.

“That is how you get people’s support, not by being overshadowed by scandals and chronic problems making it hard for people to trust,” the senator said.

Meanwhile, Asyraf said Bersatu should remember it was Umno campaigning that ensured Bersatu victories in Sabah, including those in Umno strongholds.

“Even though we do not expect appreciation or praise, I still salute the Umno-BN machinery on the ground, who worked hard in BN areas and helped Bersatu candidates win under the PN flag in areas that have been BN’s fortress for almost 30 years,” he said. – TMI