Dr M: Pejuang Will Be Led by Corrupt-Free Leaders

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Pejuang’s leaders will only be those who stand against corruption and money politics, said the party’s founding chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said this was to ensure that in future, these leaders are not easily swayed by money and power to defect to allow a backdoor government to come to power.

He also said corrupt leaders were back in power again in Malaysia after bringing down the people elected Pakatan Harapan government at the end of February.

He added that in Sabah, millions of ringgit were offered to buy over leaders to topple the state government there.

“In future, rich criminals will be able to buy a new government by offering billions of ringgit, and they will form a despotic government.


“Pejuang has been formed to fight this. We will ensure that Pejuang leaders are anti-corruption and anti-money politics warriors,” he said in a statement today.

Dr Mahathir launched the Malay-based party last month after he and his supporters lost their memberships in Bersatu for supporting the opposition.

They had opposed Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin’s decision to work with Umno and PAS to form the new federal government.

The new party is awaiting Registrar of Societies’ approval.

Dr Mahathir said Malaysia has become a corrupt nation, especially in its politics, adding that this was clear in the manner how an elected government was toppled.

“If we allow corruption to grow, this will spoil the country’s administration and growth.

“The people will suffer terribly as they will have to pay bribes for government service.

“Pejuang is formed to stop this from happening,” he said.

Dr Mahathir added that the party will prioritise the rule of law and will help the people in being involved in businesses and entrepreneurship.

“Believe us that we have many ideas to win this fight against corruption and money politics,” the Langkawi MP said.

He also said that Pejuang was not affiliated with any political pacts.

“We will support any party in sync with our principles. We urge the people to join us or to support us in the coming general election.” – TMI