Dramatic Brawl Involving Car Crash, Gunshot, Fistfights and Woman Hit

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From a small incident into a full-blown brouhaha.

  • Couple in Myvi hit parked Kenari
  • Residents emerged from homes to see what had happened
  • Fearing retaliation over accident, couple phoned friends for help
  • 15 outsiders turned up
  • Brawl ensued between outsiders and residents
  • Several residents injured
  • Cop resident fired gunshot into air in bid to stop the fight
  • Panicked outsiders fled, with one motorist knocking into a woman resident
  • Victim injured, driver arrested
  • Police identified nine outsiders involved in the brawl
Mohd Asri Saifuddin Mamat

It began when a Perodua Myvi skidded and hit a parked Perodua Kenari at Taman Sri Andalas here at 9.45pm on Sunday.

A commotion ensued when nearby residents emerged from their homes to determine what had happened.

Fearing retaliation over the accident, a couple in the Myvi contacted their friends via their mobile phones for help.

Moments later, 15 friends of the couple turned up at the location, and a quarrel ensued between the group and several residents.

The confrontation escalated into an all-out brawl and several residents sustained injuries.

The scuffle ended abruptly when a 49-year-old resident, who is also a policeman, fired a gunshot into the air in a bid to stop the fighting.

The 15 friends scattered and fled the scene in various cars.

However, one of them, in his haste to leave the scene, hit a woman resident with his car.

He drove away in a panic.

“The woman was injured at the waist and several other parts of the body when she was rammed by the car driven by the suspect in his bid to escape,” Klang Selatan District Police chief, ACP Shamsul Amar Ramli told reporters.

Mohd Asri Saifuddin Mamat

However, police managed to track the suspect, who was detained at Bandar Bukit Tinggi on Nov 7. The man, in his 20s, was detained by the roadside at 1.30pm.

Shamsul said police have also identified nine others who were involved in the brawl thanks to CCTV recordings in the area at the time of the incident.