Family Insists Irish Teen Was Taken

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The family of missing Irish teenager Nora Anne Quoirin is adamant the 15-year-old was abducted and “increasingly frustrated” with the Malaysian police’s tactics to find her.

Mystery deepens:

  • Absolutely no trace that the girl had simply walked out of the resort – not even a footprint
  • Several fingerprints lifted from the unit where the family was staying
  • A window, which could only be opened from the inside, was seen left open
  • Teen was sleeping with her younger sister and brother
  • Locals at the rainforest claim area is haunted
  • Parents’ lawyer has restricted the police from questioning the siblings

According to UK’s Daily Mail, Sebastien Quoirin said the family believed his daughter was taken as her room was found empty with the window open.

In a statement released yesterday, the family also said they were worried as Nora’s learning and developmental disabilities made her unlike other minors her age.

“She looks younger, she is not capable of taking care of herself and she won’t understand what is going on. She never goes anywhere by herself. We have no reason to believe she wandered off and is lost,” they said in a statement reported by the British outlet.

Separately, Matthew Searle from the Lucie Blackman Trust, a missing persons charity representing the family, said the Malaysian police’s approach was causing frustration as the family did not accept their theory that Nora wandered off on her own.

Searle said the family was terrified over the possibility that the police are not using all its resources for the search because of the theory.

“They know Nora and what she is capable of and don’t feel that they are being listened to.

“This is a girl who wouldn’t venture into her own garden without a family member holding her hand. They are getting increasingly frustrated and are all exhausted, having not slept a great deal.” Searle was quoted as saying.

The search-and-rescue operation has entered its fourth day and the number of rescuers has increased to 214 personnel.

Hasnoor Hussain/TMI

Police today started using drones to help trace the victim.

Two dogs from the K9 unit at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman were also brought in today, along with another team of men to help in the search and rescue mission.


Police are confident that Nora is still close to The Dusun resort in Seremban.

Deputy Negri Sembilan police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Che Zakaria Othman told the media that she could not have gone far into the surrounding jungle due to her condition.

But trackers from the General Operations Force (GOF) Senoi Praaq unit are puzzled as there is absolutely no trace that the 15-year-old had simply walked out of the resort.

A source from the unit told The Malaysian Insight that the area is pitch dark at night and no one could walk even 10ft from the resort without leaving any trace.

“At night, it is pitch dark and you will not be able to see anything even three metres from the resort.

“The terrain is uneven and one is bound to lose his footing and fall, which would leave a trace.

“What puzzles us is that the girl did not leave any trace. It was as though she walked on a normal street. Not even a footprint was left behind,” said a member from the elite team.

Zakaria said police have lifted several fingerprints from the unit where the family was staying but declined to elaborate.

“We got a few successful fingerprint sample results from the lab and we are currently doing a comparison to establish who it belonged to.

“We are checking whether it could belong to a criminal or an outsider. Bukit Aman forensics was roped in to assist us,” he said at a press conference this evening held at the Pantai police station.

Reportedly, a window in the resort, which could only be opened from the inside, was seen left open.

Zakaria said the authorities believe Nora is still in the area and has not left the small town of Pantai in Seremban.

“She is still in this area. She has not left this place. We are sure of that,” he said.

“We understand how the family must be feeling. Emotions can run high, especially when she is a special child.

“But we are doing our best to locate her,” Zakaria added.

While Nora’s disappearance has been classified as a missing person’s report, police said they are also looking into other possibilities of what could have happened to the teenager, including abduction.

Zakaria told the media that the classification of “missing person” was merely that, the classification of the report.

“It does not mean we are not looking at other possibilities as well,” he said.

“We are looking at every angle and my men are everywhere. Not just at the resort, but also on the streets.

Ahmad Zamzahuri

“We are not ruling out any possibilities but at the moment, there is no evidence of abduction.”

Zakaria was responding to foreign media reports earlier that Nora’s family was upset with police for not treating the matter as an abduction.

Another police source told The Malaysian Insight that the authorities have also sought the help of an Orang Asli tribal chief and religious individuals to help find the teenager.

Locals at the Jeram Toi rainforest, where the teenager disappeared, said the area is haunted, although there was also no evidence of this.

On Sunday, Nora disappeared from The Dusun, a tropical rainforest resort in Seremban.

She was sleeping with her 12-year-old sister and eight-year-old brother on the night she went missing.

When asked if the police have recorded statements from Nora’s siblings, Zakaria refused to say more, with a source telling Malay Mail that the parents’ lawyer has restricted the police from questioning Nora’s siblings further.


The family is still in the resort, which has been turned into an operations centre. No one is allowed in.

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