Four Men Pull Off RM1.2M Jewellery Store Robbery

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Robbers strike at another jewellery store in a recent spate of heists at goldsmith outlets.

  • Only 7 minutes to art away RM1.2m jewellery
  • Robbers clad in all-black outfits with gloves, with 3 wearing motorcycle helmets with visors down
  • Accomplice stood guard outside mall
  • One shot fired into the air
  • Sledgehammers used to break display showcases
Muhammad Sulaiman

Four men, one of them armed with a pistol, fled with jewellery, worth RM1.2 million, in a robbery at a jewellery outlet in Plaza Alam Sentral shopping mall, Shah Alam, on Nov 17.

In the 7.30pm incident, three of the suspects rushed into the shop, with the fourth accomplice waiting on a motorcycle outside.

“One of the suspects fired a shot at the ceiling of the premises before smashing the glass casing with a iron hammer.

 “There were four workers at the premises, but none of them was harmed,” Selangor Criminal Investigation Department deputy head ACP R Supramaniam said.

He said the suspects took just seven minutes to scoop the seven trays of jewellery in the glass casings before fleeing the scene on three motorcycles which were parked near the exit to the shopping centre.

 The police would view the footage of a closed-circuit television at the jewellery shop to identify the suspects, Supramaniam said.