Govt Gives Zoo Negara RM1.3 Million for Animal Welfare

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The government has set up a RM1.3 million wildlife welfare fund for the National Zoo.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah said the fund managed by the Wildlife and National Parks Department was to help pay the cost of feeding the animals during the Covid-19 epidemic.

He said his ministry had set aside RM10.2 million to assist zoos and permanent exhibitions (ZPEs) hard hit by the outbreak.

He said the money would ease the burden of operating costs.

He said 21 ZPEs had submitted applications and funds were disbursed in stages starting May.

The ministry has also taken several short-term actions to protect the animals at the ZPEs, he said,

These include a 15% discount on their electricity bill for six months; handing over 15 tonnes of donated meat, fruits and vegetables from the Quarantine and Inspection Services Department; and providing technical assistance, especially in husbandry management.

He said this after Zoo Negara appealed for donations because it was facing a financial crisis due to loss of income during the health crisis.