Guan Eng: Cikgu Fadli spared because of GE15, public backlash

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Saved by the general election.

The teacher claimed:

  • syllabus inappropriate for students
  • class sizes too large
  • too many subjects being taught
  • students having to carry heavy bags to school

Mohd Fadli Mohamed Salleh (better known as Cikgu Fadli) from Sekolah Kebangsaan (1) Gombak was cleared of wrongdoing for his criticisms of the education ministry because of the impending general election and the expected public backlash, Lim Guan Eng said.

The DAP’s chairman said that normally, some sort of disciplinary action would be taken against any open criticism of the education system and syllabus of primary school students.

“It is clear that Mohd Fadli was cleared of all three accusations brought against him by the education ministry.

“This is because of the impending general elections and the overwhelming public support that forced caretaker Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to express concern,” he said in a statement today.

Lim was referring to the teacher who claimed on his Facebook page that he would be fired or demoted for complaining that the syllabus was inappropriate for students.

The teacher also complained of large class sizes, too many subjects being taught, and students having to carry heavy bags to school.


Cikgu Fadli said that he had complained to his district and state education departments, but they took no action so he highlighted his concerns on social media.

Yesterday, the Education Support Services Disciplinary Council cleared Cikgu Fadli of any wrongdoing in pointing out the flaws in the education system and its syllabus.

Lim said Cikgu Fadli was like the boy who questioned why the emperor wore no clothes in the popular folk tale.

“Cikgu Fadli even hinted that he was saved by the general election when he asked all political parties to include concerns about the failure of the education system and the broken system that is run by the education ministry in their general election manifesto.


“Perhaps, general elections should be held every year so that brave citizens like Cikgu Fadli who expose a broken education system will not be victimised but be protected by citizen outrage and the government’s fear of losing votes.”

He added that a show cause letter should be sent to the education minister for not admitting that they presided over a broken-down system that failed not only teachers but students.

“The problems mentioned by Cikgu Fadli extend to my parliamentary constituency in Bagan, where schools do not receive any funding for basic repairs of doors, toilets, compounds, buildings, and air-conditioners.

“Unless immediate remedial action is taken now, the education minister meeting Cikgu Fadli is only a sandiwara or sheer theatrics to delude voters that the government cares.” – TMI