Guessing game continues over Tony Pua and Yeo Bee Yin’s GE15 plans

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Anthony Loke dismissed the perception that DAP is purging its English-educated leaders.

After Bangi MP Ong Kiang Ming announced he would not contest in the next general election, speculation was rife that two more DAP lawmakers, Tony Pua and Yeo Bee Yin, would opt-out as well.

Met at the sidelines of a fundraising event in Petaling Jaya last night, the pair was non-committal, adding fuel to the guessing game.

“There is no announcement, so the question doesn’t arise,” replied Pua, who is the MP for Damansara, without elaborating.

Yeo, on the other hand, refused to comment if she would contest or defend her Bakri seat in Johor.

Meanwhile, DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke, who was also present at the dinner, announced in his speech that Pua had been appointed as his policy advisor.

“Several weeks ago, I discussed this with Pua, and he agreed to serve as the policy advisor to the DAP secretary-general.

“I waited until tonight to make this announcement before the residents of Damansara and Petaling Jaya that Pua will continue to play a role in DAP,” he added.

Loke also dismissed the perception that DAP is purging its English-educated leaders.

“After the party election, a lot of people asked what happened to DAP, why were leaders like Pua and Yeo not elected into the central executive committee while Ong decided to not contest in the coming election?

“Many questioned if DAP is purging all the English-educated leaders, all the ‘Oxbridge’ graduates in the party. No such thing.

“DAP is a party for all, we appreciate and welcome everyone. As a party leader, I appreciate every single talent in DAP,” he added.

Pua, Yeo and Ong are known as DAP’s “Oxbridge trio” because of having graduated from either Oxford or Cambridge.

On April 14, the three were appointed as DAP’s parliamentary spokespersons – Pua for finance, Yeo for climate change, science and technology and Ong for international trade and industry.

However, in a recent interview with Malaysiakini, Ong said he would serve the party until the next general election, after which he wanted to devote two years to academic pursuits. – Malaysiakini