Hadi: We will never work with PH

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PAS claims that Pakatan Harapan practised politics of vengeance and that this was one of the reasons it firmly rejected any form of cooperation with the coalition.

This included the “big tent” concept of bringing Opposition parties together against Barisan Nasional, said Abdul Hadi Awang in a Facebook post on Thursday (Sept 19).

In the post the PAS president said that Pakatan made public statements that interfered with the country’s administration and judiciary as well as that many of its leaders were openly “non-believers and immoral”.

Hadi added that Islam, which had always been the basis of PAS’ struggle, stipulates that politics could never be separated from religion, as everything one did would be accountable in the hereafter.


“Pakatan is not capable of doing justice to all the people, despite the coalition having component parties that use ‘keadilan’ (justice) and ‘amanah’ (trust) in their name,” he added, referring to Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Parti Amanah Negara.

He also said PAS rejects cooperation with PH as the coalition “gathers groups of bribe givers and bribe receivers”.

“PAS firmly rejects cooperation with PH as it can destroy the country’s foundations and key branches,” he said.

However, he did not provide any proof to back his claim that there were those within PH who were involved in corruption.

Hadi also alleged that some people in PH were “clearly anti-Islamic, threatening the royal institution, the Rukun Negara, and the foundations of the Federal Constitution, especially Islam as the religion of the federation”.

He also claimed that there were those in PH who “fanatically hate Malays and Bumiputeras”.

He said this was done without thinking about the rights enjoyed by other races and religions, which were “already sufficient”.

Without naming anyone, Hadi also said some in PH were against PAS’ efforts to implement Islam democratically, and that these parties continued to defend laws from the colonial era and its fragile judicial system.

He said PAS’ previous political cooperation with several component parties in PH had made it clear to PAS that PH was “trying to prevent the Islamic struggle”, which was the basis of the Islamic party.

Previously, in a statement on Aug 20, Hadi had accused non-Muslims and non-Bumiputeras of being at the root of corruption and forming the “majority of those involved in ruining the country’s politics and economy”.

This led to several police reports lodged against Hadi, and he was called in for questioning by the police.

A PAS leader later supported Hadi by stating that the president’s statement was based on a survey by an unnamed local university.