Hannah Yeoh to Zahid: I didn’t get a single sen for my constituency

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Opposition lawmakers have taken to social media to complain that they had not received a single sen from Putrajaya for their constituencies.

Their swift reaction comes after Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi complained that he only received RM100,000 for his Bagan Datuk parliamentary constituency like the other opposition members.

He said Perikatan Nasional lawmakers were given RM3.7million.

However, Hannah Yeoh refuted Zahid’s claim.

“When did opposition MPs get RM100,000? As the MP for Segambut, I have not received a single sen this year,” the Segambut MP said in a Facebook post, accompanied by a report on Zahid’s complaint.

Rasah MP Cha Kee Chin said up until now, the opposition has not received any news about allocations for their areas from Putrajaya.

“I am moved to correct this fact. To date, opposition MPs have not received any allocations, nor have we been contacted by the Implementation Coordination Unit in the Prime Minister’s Department,” he said in a Facebook post.

“I am shocked by this revelation. Why only RM100,000 for him. Is this the way Muhyiddin Yassin treats Ahmad Zahid Hamidi?”

During the interview, Zahid said several other top Umno leaders, including Najib Razak, also received RM100,000.

“Maybe they think RM100,000 is enough for Bagan Datuk despite being one of the poorest areas in Perak. No matter what, I thank them,” Zahid told NRchannelTV last night.

The former deputy prime minister said other Umno leaders also received the paltry sum, despite being a part of PN.

Zahid said they include former prime minister Najib, Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan, former law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz and former Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) chairman Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub.

“The opposition gets RM100,000 but that is also what I got, Pontian (Ahmad Maslan), Pekan (Najib), Padang Rengas (Nazri) and Machang (Jazlan).

“Hopefully, the ones who decide this open their hearts and give the same amount.”

The sum is a betrayal as he supported fully PN’s Budget 2021 despite threats to sabotage the supply bill.

“Despite supporting the budget, we get this amount. We did not support the budget once or twice but three times and yet we still get RM100,000 like the opposition parties,” Zahid said.