Helicopter to Retrieve Body Found in Swamp Believed to Be of Missing Irish Teen

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A police helicopter has arrived to retrieve a body that was discovered by a member of the public earlier today, amid the search and rescue operation for missing Irish teenager Nora Anne Quoirin. 

Ahmad Zamzahuri

A police source told Malay Mail that the craft was sent after the search and rescue team requested for it since the location where the body was found is not accessible via land vehicles.


“The terrain leading to the location where the body was discovered cannot be reached using trucks or any other vehicle. As it is surrounded by a swamp, and it will be difficult for the operations team to bring out the body.


“That is why we have requested for the helicopter, we will place the body on a stretcher and lift it,” the anonymous source told Malay Mail.


Earlier, police confirmed that a female body was found fully intact in the surrounding jungle area around The Dusun resort where Quoirin had disappeared from. – MMO

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