Hisham Tells Umno Disciplinary Board He Has Nothing to Hide

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Annuar says row over Hishammuddin’s meet with Harapan MPs resolved.

Umno’s Hishammuddin Hussein said the party’s disciplinary board must not confuse matters by summoning him to explain alleged breach of rules as he remains loyal to the party.

The board, chaired by Mohamed Apandi Ali, should be “careful” about investigating him as he had nothing to hide.

“The news about the show-cause letter to me has gone viral. I am consistent, if you want to investigate me, be careful. I’ve nothing to hide.


“Party members have pledged to continue the fight to strengthen the party. Even the party president affirmed during the recent Umno general assembly that all Umno MPs are still loyal to the party.

“So, don’t confuse matters by raising speculations,” the Sembrong MP and former Umno vice-president said in a statement.

Apandi had summoned Hishammuddin for an explanation as to why he allegedly ignored orders and breached party rules, in reference to a meeting at PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali’s official residence last month.

Hishammuddin allegedly led a group of some two dozen Umno MPs to the meeting, purportedly to discuss funding allocations for their constituencies with Azmin, who is also economic affairs minister.

The meeting and Hishammuddin’s presence further fuelled speculation that he was trying to shore up support for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Azmin.

Since Umno lost the general election last year, Hishammuddin has been dogged by speculation that he was trying to lead a group of Umno MPs out of the party to form a “backdoor government”.

At the Umno general assembly, party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi tried to quash such talk, stressing that it would never support forming a government in that manner, and would only go through elections.


Meanwhile, the Umno leadership has viewed the issue of Hishammuddin facing disciplinary action for meeting with a Pakatan Harapan faction as resolved, according to secretary-general Annuar Musa.

Annuar said the matter was resolved after Hishammuddin met with and explained the issue to Zahid.

“The party president met Hishammuddin. He got an explanation and he mentioned this during his winding up of the debate at the Umno general assembly (on Dec 7),” Annuar was quoted as saying.

M Azhar Arif

Annuar went on to say that the party leadership does not interfere with any disciplinary action initiated by its disciplinary board headed by Apandi.

Yesterday, FMT reported that Umno is likely to rescind the show-cause letter to Hishammuddin.

A party insider told the news portal that Annuar had asked Apandi to withdraw the letter.

According to FMT’s source, Zahid himself had revealed in a WhatsApp message that the board would be asked to withdraw the letter, and he considered the matter closed as he had discussed it at the party’s recently concluded general assembly.

Earlier, Apandi had confirmed that Hishammuddin had been asked to appear before the disciplinary board on Dec 26.

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