HSO, PUS ‘error’ in MySejahtera

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MySejahtera has issued an apology after it was discovered that several random users were issued with incorrect Covid-19 statuses in their personal application.

Taking to Twitter, MySejahtera responded to angry users who took their complaints on social media after finding themselves being identified as a Person Under Surveillance (PUS) for Covid-19 and placed under Home Surveillance Order (HSO) quarantine.

“Good morning everyone – we apologise for the error on our part which allowed random users’ to be given HSOs/PUS status.

“We have fixed the root cause which allowed this to happen. All incorrect HSOs have been deleted, and incorrect PUS status reverted,” said the team behind MySejahtera at 8.49am.

It is so far unclear how many users were affected by the error.

Earlier, a Twitter user shared a screenshot from his MySejahtera profile taken at 2am which showed an HSO status, despite having no travel history or possible contact with a Covid-19 case in the past 14 days.

“Hi @my_sejahtera, I’m only staying at home all the time, then suddenly today I receive a notification saying my status is now Person Under Surveillance (PUS).

“For my history, I have not even go (sic) out anywhere within 14 days, please check into this. Timestamp screenshot: 7 Nov 2021 2am,” said @lokkhee1999.

Others who responded to his tweet had shared their own tips for rectifying the error, with some claiming the error occurred after they updated their personal information.

Following MySejahtera’s admission, more users took to Twitter with their complaints, including some who said the error had led them to be denied boarding a scheduled flight.

However, around an hour after MySejahtera said it has reverted all incorrect HSOs and PUS’ statuses, the problem appears to persist among some users.

An HSO is issued to individuals under quarantine as a confirmed case or close contact, while PUS refers to asymptomatic individuals in close contact with a Covid-19 patient.

A PUS status is also issued to international arrivals placed under quarantine.

Last month, the MySejahtera app came under scrutiny for security vulnerabilities that allow anyone to send out emails or one-time passwords (OTP) on behalf of the app, leading to concerns over personal data breaches.

The MySejahtera team at the time said they have blocked the exploit that made it possible to send out OTPs on behalf of the app and is in the midst of enhancing the app’s security. – Malaysiakini