Hunt for Reckless BMW Driver Who Nearly Caused Head-On Collision

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The police are looking for a driver whose reckless driving endangering road users was captured on viral video.

A video of a close call of a head-on collision on Sept 2 was posted on Facebook by Nojahwati Sohaini. The incident involved her brother Mohd Firdaus Sohaini, who was travelling with a friend in a Perodua Kenari along Jalan Ulu Penggeli-Bandar Tenggara.

Firdaus managed to avoid colliding with an oncoming BMW car that appeared to have dangerously overtaken another car and a lorry.

In the video, Firdaus swerves to the left to avoid a head-on collision with the BMW and appears to lose control of his vehicle which then serves sharply to the right before crashing into the guard rail. The front of Firdaus’ car was badly damaged.

“Fortunately my brother survived. To the car (black BMW) concerned, you’re very rude. You made my brother only an inch away from death,” Nojahwati wrote in her post.

Nojahwati also revealed that Firdaus was traumatised by the incident while his friend received five stitches on the head.

Harian Metro reported that Kluang OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Laham said the police were in the midst of identifying the driver, who is urged to come forward to assist in police investigations.

The case is being investigated under Rule 6 (1) of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 for overtaking another vehicle in a dangerous situation which may cause harm.