Image of Dr Vida Bathing in Riches Draws Backlash

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Dr Vida draws flak from social media users over an image of her new ‘I Am Me’ video shows her bathing in money.

Updated: Vida claims she spent RM1 million on her new music video, including the RM400,000 butterfly ring she wore in the bathtub scene, RM180,000 for the video production cost, and almost RM100,000 to buy the equipment used in the video clip.

Entrepreneur Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman, better known as Dr Vida, was not happy with the first music video for her single ‘I Am Me’.

“Although I already shot a music video earlier, I never released it as I don’t think it really captured the song perfectly.

“So I set aside another time and another budget to shoot the video for my single. Directed by Ghaz Abu Bakar, I think this video is more ‘I Am Me’ and I hope to launch this video on Sept 30,” she told the New Straits Times yesterday.

The one-day shoot at her house in Ipoh included a scene where the 45-year-old millionairess was bathing literally in her riches – a tub filled with RM50 and RM100 notes as well as jewellery sans the normal water and bubbles.


Three stills from the video, including the one flaunting money and gems, were shared on Instagram by a Reen Emran, believed to be one of the production crew members, last Sunday.

Social media users immediately reacted with criticisms for her showing off on the flashy still.

In response, Vida said, “Those images of luxury were supposed to inspire people to work hard, not to show off my wealth.”

She declined to reveal how much was spent on making the new music video, saying she did not want to further infuriate Malaysians and be called a “show off” again.

The flamboyant cosmetic tycoon is no stranger to displaying her luxurious lifestyle, with many videos uploaded on YouTube featuring her huge collection of designer handbags, shoes, clothes, jewellery and even her cars and palatial home, which she calls her “istana” (palace).

She recently announced a collaboration with designer brand Louis Vuitton (LV) to come up with her own line of handbags known as the DSV-LV, which LV has denied.

She had previously also said she wanted to collaborate in a duet with K-pop megastar Psy.

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