Indira Gandhi Hopes to Reunite with Daughter Before Deepavali

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M Indira Gandhi said she hopes to be reunited with her daughter, Prasana Diksa, before Deepavali and is leaving the matter in the hands of the police.

She said this after a meeting with senior police officers in Bukit Aman this morning.

The meeting, she said, was fruitful despite Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador’s absence.

“I want to thank (Hamid) for giving us this opportunity but unfortunately, he can’t be here with us today.

“They (police) shared very little information but I hope that in the next meeting, we will have more information on Prasana, of her well-being and everything.

Afif Abd Halim/TMI

“Also, like what we have suggested, we hope to have her by Deepavali,” she said outside Bukit Aman headquarters today.

Last month, Indira planned to stage a hunger strike in front of Bukit Aman on September 11 because of the police’s failure to update her on her daughter’s whereabouts.

On Tuesday, Hamid agreed to meet Indira to brief her on the status of Prasana, who was abducted by her father Muhammad Riduan Abdullah more than 11 years ago.

Lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan who is representing Indira, said that Hamid had to rush to Putrajaya for an urgent meeting.

“Unfortunately, Hamid had to leave for an urgent meeting, but still had a briefing with the police.

“Psychologically, we are very concerned as to what she (Prasana) has been going through because she has been living in the shadow and we can’t find her.”

She said they want to work more efficiently and will be helping the police with any information they have.

“We hope and we ask that, somehow, we get Prasana home for Deepavali,” she said.

Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) chairman Arun Dorasamy said the team will be working closely with the police.

Arun said they are hoping to get more information from the Special Task Force to locate Prasana.

“We want to know what challenges they are facing and their strategy. They could be facing the Covid-19 pandemic, which stifled their investigation.

“But we are happy to have a liaison with Bukit Aman now. We are willing to work with the police and are ready to start a new chapter.”

Indira is looking to reunite with her youngest child, who was snatched by her estranged husband, Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, in 2009.

He made off with Prasana after he unilaterally converted the couple’s three children to Islam. He is now in defiance of a court order to return the child to her mother.

The Ipoh High Court granted Indira custody of her three children after finding their conversion to be unlawful. – TMI