Indira Gandhi wants IGP to apologise for empty promises

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M Indira Gandhi wants Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador to apologise for failing to keep his promise to find her daughter who was taken by her ex-husband.

Indira at the Ipoh High Court today said she was saddened after a long battle to get her daughter back from her Muslim convert ex-husband.

“The IGP needs to apologise for what he said (promised). It is sad to know that the IGP (Hamid) had promised a lot of things (but) he is retiring in May, and what’s going to happen after that?

Nazir Sufari/TMI

“Another IGP, and it will be the same story? We don’t want that. We want this issue to be solved,” she said.

The former kindergarten teacher was at the Ipoh High Court lobby to seek the court’s directive for police to produce monthly affidavits on her missing daughter, Prasana Diksa, now 12.

A court order in 2014 mandates that police locate the girl who was taken by Indira’s ex-husband, Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, after he converted their three children, including Prasana who was then a baby, to Islam without the mother’s knowledge.

However, till today, police say that they have not located her or Riduan.

Indira also said she is disappointed to see that police have not taken any substantial action on the 2014 court order.

“We have a federal court decision and until today there is no news on Prasana Diksa,” she said, referring to the apex court’s decision in 2018 to nullify the unilateral conversion to Islam of the children by their father.

Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) chairman Arun Dorasamy said it has been two years since the IGP had promised to meet Indira.

“He promised a happy ending. He knows where they (Prasana and Riduan) are.


“All these promises and nothing has happened. It is disappointing to see that the IGP can give empty promises,” Arun said.

Meanwhile, lawyer Rajesh Nagarajan who is representing Indira said the judge has asked all parties to file their submission to produce documents from the police by April 30.

“The documents are referred to by the police in their affidavits. They made reference to a lot of documents, but they never gave us any.

“Some of the documents we are seeking are police reports that were mentioned (in affidavits).”

He added that the court will then give a verdict and give directions as to the documents.

On December 17, the Ipoh High Court ordered the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to submit a detailed report on police efforts to track down Indira’s former husband and daughter as ordered by the court in 2014.

Judicial Commissioner Bhupindar Singh gave the AGC, which represented the police, three weeks to file 79 affidavits on the measures that had been taken to find Muhammad Riduan Abdullah and Prasana.

This was because police appeared to have ignored the 2014 court order and had failed to submit any affidavits, either to the court or to Indira’s lawyer, since May 30 of the same year.

On January 10, Rajesh had said police had submitted only one affidavit before the deadline, but it was inadequate.

Riduan, a Muslim convert, was ordered by the High Court in 2014 to return Prasana to her mother. He did not obey the order, causing the court to issue a mandamus order compelling the police to arrest him.

Riduan snatched Prasana, who was a baby at the time, and his and Indira’s two older children, after he unilaterally converted them to Islam.

The court granted Indira custody of the three children after finding their conversion to be unlawful. She has since been reunited with the two other children. – TMI