Jamal Yunos Emerges

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Jamal will appear in court when healthier, his lawyer says.

Jamal’s claims:

  • He had been unfairly treated and put under pressure
  • There was an attempt to intimidate him as a community leader
  • Claimed he did not escape, he had left because his remand period had ended, hospital authorities had allowed him to go

Sungai Besar Umno division chief Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos has finally surfaced after fleeing from police custody since Friday.

He said that his disappearance had been a misunderstanding and he is willing to cooperate with the authorities now.

The Red Shirts leader had finally come out of hiding when he released a voice note via Whatsapp in the early hours of Sunday morning stating that his actions to flee police custody were not intentional.

“I thought I could leave because my remand order was over and that my bail had been granted. I did not realise that I had to sign some documents before the bail could be finalised,” he said in the recording.

Jamal was under police remand while he was admitted to the Ampang Puteri Specialist Centre for a back problem. He had then abruptly escaped police custody on Friday at 3.15pm.

“I left because I needed to go to Tabung Haji to withdraw cash to settle my bail sum, I was afraid they might close before I got there,” he said.

Jamal said that he had not realised he was wanted by police all along.

“I am resting now due to my health condition and I will cooperate fully with the police soon,” he said.

The controversial politician will appear in court when he is healthier, said his lawyer Datuk Mohd Imran Tamrin.

“He has contacted his legal team and informed us that he will cooperate with the police to complete the bail process. He will present himself to the court to complete the process when he is completely healthy,” said Mohd Imran.

Jamal has accused certain parties of trying to use the authorities to harass and take revenge on him, according to FMT

He claimed to have been unfairly treated and put under pressure, adding that there was an attempt to intimidate him as a community leader.

“I hope the police are not being pressured by the new government to persecute and oppress me,” Jamal was quoted saying.

He denied that he had escaped from hospital, saying that he left as his remand period was to have ended on Friday.

He claimed that the hospital authorities had allowed him to leave.

He said he had collected all his hospital documents and medicines before leaving.

“If I had wanted to escape I would have done so on Wednesday or Thursday. I left the hospital on Friday because I knew my remand was over.

“If I had wanted to run away I would not have paid for my medicines and documents,” he was quoted saying.

After leaving the hospital, he said he had gone to the Tabung Haji office and a bank to settle financial matters.

“When I left Tabung Haji I was contacted and told that I was still under remand. I did not return to the hospital as I had already left,” he reportedly said.

Jamal said he had faith in the integrity and credibility of the police but was concerned that they might be under pressure from “certain quarters”.

The police had reopened investigations into him even though there had been no further action taken for past incidents such as the ‘Red Shirts’ counter protest to rallies by Bersih 2.0 and Pakatan Harapan supporters in 2015.

“I did not do any crime, so please give me my rights. Stop tormenting me. “Let the authorities conduct their investigations. Let there not be any pressure and insistence from any quarters,” he was quoted as saying.

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