Johor PKR tells Muda to reconsider contesting in Larkin

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Johor PKR deputy chief Jimmy Puah has expressed surprise over Muda’s decision to contest in Larkin and urged the youth-led party to reconsider.

He said his party will convene a meeting tomorrow to discuss possible retaliation if Muda does not reverse its course.

This was after Muda announced that it will be fielding its Johor information chief Rasid Abu Bakar as the candidate in Larkin where PKR already announced Zamil Najwah Arbain as its candidate.

“I’m quite taken aback. I think this will play into the hands of BN and cost our effort to take over the state. I hope Muda can reconsider,” Puah told Malaysiakini.


Asked if retaliation was on the table, he replied: “We will have a meeting on this”.

PKR grassroots leaders previously lobbied for the party to contest in all Muda seats if the latter went against them.

In particular, PKR has been eyeing Puteri Wangsa which is seen as Muda’s best chance.

PKR won’t give up Larkin

Puah said PKR won’t budge on Larkin.

“Of course, we will contest in Larkin,” he added.

Pakatan Harapan, through Amanah and DAP, gave Muda six seats to contest in, namely Tenang, Bukit Kepong, Parit Raja, Machap, Puteri Wangsa and Bukit Permai.

Muda had also entered into negotiation with PKR for another three seats. However, the negotiations broke down after both sides couldn’t come to an agreement.

Muda had wanted Larkin and Gambir while PKR was only willing to provide the Umno strongholds of Sri Medan, Semarang and Benut.

The negotiations between the Harapan components and Muda were intended to allow them to put up a united front.

All seats sought by Muda were previously contested by Bersatu and were reallocated to the Harapan components after Bersatu left the coalition.

In total, Muda plans to contest seven seats with Larkin being the only one with an overlap with PKR.

On the clash, Syed Saddiq said Muda had been negotiating with PKR until the last minute.

“As announced earlier, we had several successful rounds of negotiations with Amanah and DAP. We have also signed a no-contest pact with the two parties.

“PKR, however, said it will field candidates in 20 seats.”

The Muar MP did not elaborate on why Muda decided to field a candidate in Larkin.

“As said earlier, we want to focus on seats won by Bersatu in GE14.”

When pushed about the clash, Syed Saddiq simply said the party will focus on the seven seats.

Last week, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said PKR will back Muda candidates only if the party respects the “no-contest” condition among PH-friendly parties.