Johor Sultan Says Won’t Permit Power Struggle Among Malay Leaders to Continue

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Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar said he was increasingly concerned over the crisis from the power struggle involving unnamed Malay political leaders.

In a statement released in conjunction with his 59th birthday, Sultan Ibrahim said he was grateful for Johor’s development and proud of the high racial and religious tolerance among the people in creating a strong and united Bangsa Johor, which he described as a most precious gift for him.

“However, on this historic day, I want to voice my deep concern on a crisis that is haunting the Malays at this moment.

“As a ruler who has promised and sworn to protect the interests of the Malays and Islam, I will not permit the crisis stemming from the power struggle among Malay leaders to continue, and cause divide and weaken the Malays,” he said.


The Johor ruler did not identify the leaders responsible for the crisis.

He said that day by day, the Malays are dragged into the crisis of credibility that defaces and tarnishes the image of and trust in the institutions led by Malays, which will then erode the confidence, influence and power of the Malays.

“Such deterioration has me worried and I have made a stand to remind the Malays to find an immediate solution.

“Come what may, the interest and influence of the Malays must be protected in the best way, without compromise or excuses.

“This is especially so in Johor, where the most organised and successful Malay struggle began and continues to be a fortress in this country,” said the sultan.

He said the Malays must rise together to become a big and influential race, without offending or sidelining other races.

“Don’t be preoccupied with special rights but become complacent and in conflict with each other,” he said.

Sultan Ibrahim said leaders must consider every approach and find the best solution to make the position of the Malays better and more respected.

“I would like to advise all Malay leaders to seek a consensus, sit together and openly discuss the problems facing the community, and to focus on enhancing the dignity and maintaining the interests of the Malays.

“Show your sincerity in fighting for the fate of the Malays, not take every advantage to serve your own interests.

“Restore the trust and faith of the Malays for their leaders,” Sultan Ibrahim said.