Kayveas Says I’m Back, MyPPP Says Don’t Come Back

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Posted on Instagram the withdrawal of his stepping-down letter along with allegations that his sacking was unconstitutional, and of a conspiracy to “hijack” the party and an “attempted coup d’etat”.

MyPPP president M said he was retracting his resignation letter as it was not “presented to a proper and legally constituted supreme council meeting” in accordance with the party’s constitution.

He also alleged that “there is an attempt to hijack the party by conspiration between Senior Vice President and Secretary-General, and an attempted coup d’etat”.

The myPPP senior vice president is Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz, who is now acting president, while the secretary-general is Datuk Mohan Kandasamy.

In sharing the letter on Instagram, Kayveas said myPPP needed to be “cleaned up” and he has no alternative but to withdraw his earlier intentional to step down and resume all his duties.

“We need to restore professionalism over amateurism,” he said.

The fracas began after Kayveas posted his resignation letter from MyPPP on social media on Wednesday, April 25, declaring that he had relinquished all his positions in the party.

The party reacted by announcing on the same day that Kayveas had instead been sacked from myPPP.

According to Mohan, Kayveas was sacked from the party on Tuesday night (April 24) – the day before Kayveas posted on social media of his resignation.

The expulsion came after an emergency disciplinary committee meeting was held after the party leadership received a letter from Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor on Tuesday morning to “caution” Kayveas.

In a related development, Kayveas also wrote a 10-page letter to Mohan, which was also forwarded to the media.

Titled “conspiracy and unlawful actions by you in violation of the myPPP constitution,” Kayveas said the supreme council cannot directly or indirectly under any circumstances replace the president unless by way of a general assembly or extraordinary general assembly.

He also said that there is no discipline board or discipline committee in myPPP.

“We only have a pengerusi lembaga disiplin (disciplinary board chairperson) appointed by me on Nov 30, 2014.

“Therefore, it is mandatory that a supreme council meeting has to be called by the president and a committee has to be appointed to assist the chairman of the disciplinary committee,” he added.

Kayveas, fondly known to his supporters as Uncle Bond, told the New Straits Times that he made the decision to return and serve myPPP after party grassroots had urged him to reconsider his decision to quit


“They (grassroots) had repeatedly asked me to return…please return…all were afraid. As such, I returned as the President to set things right and at the same to prevent party members and those with positions from being bullied,” he said.

The former one-term Taiping MP said he was not bothered if there are certain quarters who label his move in returning to the party as a u-turn.

Explaining his relations with BN and myPPP leadership, Kayveas said he had no problems with them, especially Tengku Adnan.

He also thanked the BN leadership for placing their trust in MyPPP to stand in the Segambut Parliament seat.

“I am confident that vice-president, Datuk Dr Loga Bala Mohan is qualified, because as the Federal Territories Deputy Minister he had done much in Kuala Lumpur, especially in Segambut.

“I will go down (to Segambut). I will do what I am able to,” he said.

Meanwhile, FMT quoted Mohan telling Kayveas to “not come back”, as he has been sacked from the party.

He said there is no question of Kayveas withdrawing his resignation letter as he was expelled from the party, The Star reported.

“MyPPP reiterates its position that he (Kayveas) was expelled from the party on April 25, before the alleged resignation (letter) was brought to the notice of the party. Therefore the issue of any purported resignation or withdrawal does not arise,” Mohan was quoted saying.

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