Kelantan Opposition Leader Weeps After Being Evicted

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Kelantan Opposition leader Datuk Nozula Mat Diah (BN-Paloh) wept after being ordered to leave the State Legislative Assembly hall.

Nozula is believed to have offended Speaker Datuk Abdullah Ya’kub when he called on him to clarify if he wanted them to attend a filming or photography session, The Star reported.

This happened before the morning break, with Abdullah reportedly appearing angry and not replying to Nozula.

When the session resumed at 11.15am, Nozula asked for a few minutes to say something before the winding-up session began.

Abdullah refused on grounds that ample time was given on Tuesday and it was time for the executive councillors to wind up.

The Speaker also denied Nozula’s claim that opposition assemblymen were being sidelined.

“Ten elected representatives, including three from Barisan and one from Amanah, took part in the debate yesterday,” Abdullah said.

After Nozula refused to heed his warnings, Abdullah told him to leave the hall and Nozula started to weep.

Four other Barisan assemblymen then staged a walkout.