Kids Fighting over Toys Leads to Parents Brawling

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First, the kids argued over toys, then mothers jumped into the fray, and then fathers and friends joined the fracas which culminated in a free-for-all.


Video clips of adults fighting at a shopping centre in Shenzhen went viral last week, attracting lurid rumours of serious injuries suffered.

In the incident, some children were arguing over toys at a playground, followed by their mothers weighing in to support their offspring.

Soon the confrontation escalated into physical contact with fathers and then their friends joining in the fight, while children cried and screamed.

In the footage, several men can be seen throwing punches and kicks, and grappling with one other.

At one point, one of the participants starts throwing toys from the playground around.

A man was left sprawled on the ground at the end of the incident when staff at the shopping centre intervened to stop the fight.

The Shenzhen police department issued a statement the next day to deny claims circulating on social media that one participant had been seriously injured and left in a vegetative state.

Instead, the police’s Weibo account said, one person had suffered minor injuries.

It was reported that the adults involved were “under police control” and the case was under investigation.

Apparently, fights between families caused by playground rows are relatively commonplace in China.