Kit Siang: Does nobody in Umno dare to call Najib out over corruption?

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DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang has kept up his demands over the position of former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, who was a chief campaigner for Umno despite being a twice-convicted felon.

In a statement today, he questioned why no one in Umno was willing to speak out against the current high profile of Najib, the prime minister who led Umno to a historic electoral defeat in 2018.

“Does nobody in Umno dare to say that the party should not seek the return of Najib as prime minister and that his years as the prime minister when Malaysia became ‘kleptocracy at its worst’ worldwide is not something to be proud of?

Mukhriz Hazim/Malaysiakini

“Umno should spearhead the movement for Malaysia to return to the nation-building principles our founding fathers have agreed in the Federal Constitution – constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, separation of powers, rule of law, good governance, respect for human rights and national unity from our multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural diversity,” added the Iskandar Puteri MP.

Najib had challenged Lim to a debate recently, claiming he was ready to debate at any time even though his schedule was packed with court proceedings.

Najib added that he was willing to debate Kit Siang in English. He had previously challenged Kit Siang to a debate in 2019, but the DAP veteran declined the invitation.

This time around, DAP MP Steven Sim volunteered to take Lim’s place.

Lim also cited Malaysia’s declining ranking in the annual Corruption Perception Index, recalling that we had once been ranked 33, but had now become known for the 1MDB scandal, for which Najib has been tried and convicted.

“There is nothing that Najib can do better than to just disappear from the political arena instead of trying to be prime minister again”, said Lim.

In their recent exchange, Lim made a reference to incidents of angry protestors setting fire to the homes of ministers in Sri Lanka and warned that Malaysia should not go down the same path.

This prompted Najib and others to call on the police to investigate Lim for sedition and incitement. – Malaysiakini