Kit Siang: Law says MACC advisory board cannot clear Azam Baki

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Azam should go under Parliament scrutiny to be cleared of wrongdoing.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) Anti-Corruption Advisory Board has acted beyond its legal authority in clearing chief commissioner Azam Baki of any wrongdoing with regards to the ownership of corporate shares, Lim Kit Siang said today.

Under the MACC Act 2009, the advisory board does not have the power to do so, he said.

“Azam’s plea of innocence is no answer to the conflict-of-interest allegation which had been publicly made against him more than two months ago.

“There should be a proper and satisfactory investigation mechanism on the conflict-of-interest allegation before Azam is cleared,” he said in a statement.

“Azam is wrong when he claimed that he was answerable only to MACC’s LPPR, as he is finally answerable to the people of Malaysia through Parliament and other intermediaries for his integrity and performance,” Lim added.

He listed the six functions of the board under Section 13 of the MACC Act 2009, and said what it did yesterday did not fall under any of the categories provided. They are:

(a) to advise the Commission (MACC) on any aspect of the corruption problem in Malaysia;

(b) to advise the Commission on policies and strategies of the Commission in its efforts to eradicate corruption;

(c) to receive, scrutinise and endorse proposals from the Commission towards the efficient and effective running of the Commission;

(d) to scrutinise and endorse resource needs of the Commission to ensure its effectiveness;

(e) to scrutinise the annual report of the Commission before its submission to the Special Committee on Corruption; and

(f) to submit its comments to the Special Committee on Corruption as to the exercise by the Commission of its functions under this Act.

“Azam should go on leave and submit himself to a full investigation by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on Agencies under the Prime Minister’s Department, where Azam, his brother, the maker of Azam’s conflict-of-interest allegations are afforded full opportunities to state their case,” he said.

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