KJ Whacks Papagomo for Being ‘Lower Than a Carrot’

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After hitting out at Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam, former Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has hit out at another Umno Youth leader on social media.

This time, he called out Umno Youth exco member Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris for not being at ‘carrot (IQ) level’.

Khairy had responded to a news article by Astro Awani, which asked what form he was filling up (KJ isi borang apa tu?), with a picture of Rembau MP writing something on a blank paper with a pen, for a boy.

Khairy tweeted, “That boy asking for an autograph is also a story? I thought this was Astro Awatni. (Adik tu minta autograph pun jadi berita? Ingat Astro Awatni tadi.)” Astro Awatni is a play on words of the news site carrying ‘fake news’.

“This will be a burning question in everyone’s mind.” (Mestilah jadi berita sebab dah tak nampak pakai baju Umno walau dalam program rasmi Umno. Kan jadi timbul tanya pada masyarakat.)

Khairy then lambasted Wan Muhammad Azri, stating that the event he was attending was a government event and not an Umno programme.

Kau ni tahap carrot pun tak sampai (You don’t even reach the level of a carrot),” he added.

The reply, which is on Astro Awani’s tweet, received over 3,800 Likes and retweeted over 2,900 times.

The picture, which was posted up on Astro Awani, was taken from Khairy’s Facebook page, which stated that he had attended a Deepavali Open House organised by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator P Waytha Moorthy recently.

Wan Muhammad Azri then explained that he knew it was a government event.

“That is why I have mentioned that YB attended several Umno programmes without the party uniform. When this happens, the media is doing their job to popularise news. (Sebab itu saya cakap, YB dah beberapa kali hadir program Umno tak pakai baju parti. So bila keadaan tu berlaku media lakukan tugas mereka lah dalam melariskan berita.)

Choo Choy May

Tak carrot pun takpa, sebab saya suka petai. (It is alright if it is not a carrot, because I prefer petai),” he smoothly tweeted.

Last week, Khairy had hit out at Lokman over a tweet the latter made, saying that the first thing he would do as Umno chief do to sack him for having the IQ of a carrot. The tweet drew attention and laughter from Malaysians, with some calling Lokman ‘Lobakman’. – The Star

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