Kuih Seller Killed Rival, Chopped Up Body

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Jealous that his rival’s business was faring better, a Bangladeshi killed his countryman and chopped up the body before dumping the remains in a drain.

  • Invited victim to his home
  • Smashed victim’s head with hammer
  • Chopped up body
  • Dumped remains in drain
  • Admitted to the murder

Two Bangladeshis sold ‘kuih’ next to each other in a commercial area in Section 27 Shah Alam for six months.

One of them became jealous when his rival’s business was better than his. He rang up his rival and invited him to his flat in Taman Megah, Section 27 on Sept 21, purportedly to discuss some debts between them.

Instead of talking business, the jealous trader, who is in his 30s, attacked the more successful ‘kuih’ seller, viciously bludgeoning him in the head with a hammer, killing him.

The killer then chopped up the body and stuffed the parts into a gunny sack.

Several hours later, he and his housemate disposed of the remains about one kilometre away in a drain along Persiaran Kuala Langat.

Faiz Anuar/NST

The victim’s employer went to the Alam Megah police station yesterday to file a missing person’s report.

Police immediately arrested the suspect and his housemate. They then led the authorities to the location where they had dumped the body.

Following interrogation, the suspect admitted to being resentful of his rival’s better sales and smashing the victim’s head with a hammer as well as chopping up the body, according to Shah Alam district police chief Assistant Commissioner Shafien Mamat.

“We have yet to retrieve the weapons used in the killing. No identification documents were found on the victim,” Shafien was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

The case has been classified as murder.