‘Lame excuse’ to claim LRT ops fall under MoF, Loke tells Wee

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PH would give the LRT system the highest priority should it be given the mandate in GE15.

Former transport minister Anthony Loke criticised successor Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong today for suggesting that responsibility for the ongoing LRT disruption fell on the Finance Ministry (MoF).

Loke insisted Wee must act to alleviate the crisis affecting thousands of commuters, as the operator of the Kelana Jaya LRT line, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, also reported to the latter’s Transport Ministry (MoT).

The DAP secretary-general was responding to Wee’s remarks that Prasarana fell under the MoF whereas his ministry was in charge of regulating the service’s safety.

“That’s a lame excuse. Prasarana sits in post-Cabinet meetings of the MoT during my time, I’m not sure about now.

“As far as operations is concerned, is under MoT. They report to the Ministry of Transport, so the Ministry of Transport has all the power to direct what Prasarana should do.

“Because even though it’s a company under MoF, but they report to the Ministry of Transport. Probably Wee Ka Siong does not know about that after even two years as a minister of transport, I’m surprised,” he told reporters at the temporarily shuttered Universiti LRT station.

“I think if I’m currently the caretaker minister, what I will do is, first of all, I will come out and face the public, face the media, make a public apology to all the commuters and take charge of the situation.

“That’s what a minister should do, but this is not forthcoming from Wee Ka Siong,” he said of the MCA leader.

Loke also said the LRT system is in dire need of overhaul and the Transport Ministry should reimburse commuters.

“KL LRT is an important mode of transport for local residents. Every day, there are around 300,000 people using it for their daily commuting.

Ida Lim

“A long-term solution is to renew the system. The government needs to pay more focus to save the LRT system,” said Loke.

Public transport provider Rapid KL this morning announced that it was temporarily suspending operations at 16 stations on the Kelana Jaya LRT Line for one week from today until November 15 (Tuesday).

An unspecified technical issue during rush hour yesterday evening left thousands of commuters stranded.

“Their monthly ticket should be reimbursed since they can’t use the LRT in the next seven days.

“It is ridiculous, and the government should sincerely make amend towards this,” he added.

He suggested that more free bus routes should be arranged to help commuters, especially office workers who rely on public transport the most.

Loke added that Pakatan Harapan would give the LRT system the highest priority should it be given the mandate in the 15th general election (GE15).

“We would solve all these technical issues as soon as possible.

“Although LRT has bought new train cabins, this does not solve the issues that come from the system,” he added.