Living to Tell of Close Encounter with Great White Shark

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Travel blogger Isabelle Fabre’s footage of her close shave with a Great White swimming just metres away.

  • Shadowed by a Great White 
  • Amazing footage of a kitesurfer virtually at the jaws of the shark stalker

It’s one thing to see a shark in the aquarium while on holiday, but it’s another thing to be stalked by one – just ask French blogger Isabelle Fabre, who found herself being shadowed by a Great White while kitesurfing on the Western Australian coast.

The hair-raising episode was captured by her friend Cyril who was shooting drone footage of her kitesurfing. According to the Daily Mail Australia, Fabre initially dismissed the black shape beneath the surface as just the shadow of her surfboard. She then thought it was a dolphin trick before realising that it was a shark when it passed beneath her.

“Now I can say that I have ridden a great white shark,” Fabre said.

The amazing footage of a kitesurfer virtually at the jaws of a Great White shark stalker just metres away.