Loh finally shares a meal with her three kids after High Court grants custody

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It was a wonderful lunch for single mother Loh Siew Hong, as she was finally able to tuck into a meal with her three children by her side.

Loh, 35, with her 14-year-old twin daughters and 10-year-old son. With them are Bagan Dalam assemblyman M Satees (left), lawyer Dr Shamsher Singh Thind (centre) and Malaysian Tamilar Kural president David Marshel (right).

Earlier Monday (Feb 21) morning, Loh was granted immediate custody of her three children.

Loh, 35, could not contain her joy as she could now freely embrace her children – 14-year-old twin girls and a 10-year-old boy.

The lunch reunion over some western food at a hotel in Petaling Jaya meant the beginning of Loh’s chance to be there for her children.

“I am extremely happy to have my children back with me,” she said.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court ordered for the immediate release of the children to Loh from the care of the Welfare Department, granting Loh sole custody, care and control of the children on Monday (Feb 21).

Justice Collin Lawrence Sequerah made the ruling after allowing a writ of habeas corpus filed by Loh, who sought the immediate release of her three children.

The judge noted that there was an existing court order by the High Court, dated March 31, 2021, that granted Loh the sole custody, care and control of her three children.

Contrary to the views expressed by the Perlis mufti, the three children have communicated their wish to be with their mother, a video recording revealed.

In the video taken when Loh visited her children on Saturday morning (Feb 19) in Jitra, Kedah, the single mother can be seen asking her children their names and who they would like to be with.

The children were affectionate with their mother, as they identified themselves by their Hindu names, and told Loh they wanted to stay with her.

Loh had met her 14-year-old twins and 10-year-old son at the Asrama Akhlak, an institution under the Social Welfare Department.

The recording dismisses Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin’s earlier claims that the children did not want to go back to living with their mother.

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