Loke: Ramasamy rallying KKB voters to reject PH is just retaliation

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Ramasamy politicking based on a grudge.

The move by P Ramasamy, chairman of the Malaysian People’s Rights Party (Urimai), to rally voters, particularly the Indian community, not to support Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidates, is merely motivated by a desire to retaliate against DAP and PH.

DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke stated that this aimless political move is believed to have been made after Ramasamy’s name was dropped in the Penang state election August last year.

“He said don’t vote for Pakatan, but what is his alternative? He has no alternative and this means that he is politicking based on a grudge,” Loke said.

“Ramasamy does not dare to publicly declare which candidate he supports. He is directionless. If we follow a directionless leader, we will be lost,” he added.

However, the transport minister said that this move does not affect Pang’s campaign; on the contrary, the former press secretary to the minister of housing and local government has received positive responses every time she campaigns and meets with residents.

“Parties within the unity government are also providing assistance and full support, and we will begin conducting ceramah mega perdana featuring prominent leaders of the unity government starting this Friday,” he said.

On Sunday April 28, the media reported that Ramasamy, who is also former Penang deputy chief minister II, had launched a campaign urging Kuala Kubu Bharu voters to reject PH.