Mahathir: Recovery plan a mere timetable with no solution

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Putrajaya’s national recovery plan to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and economic fallout is just a timetable with no solution, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

However, the former prime minister said forcing a change of government now will not guarantee a solution.

He said the recovery plan as announced by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin should focus on action to be taken to reduce the number of the new Covid-19 cases.

The Langkawi MP said Muhyiddin did not give any measures to reduce the number of new infections nor did he elaborate on when the lockdown will be loosened.

“Unfortunately, it is more of a timetable for recovery based on the number of new cases and the dates the lockdown would be loosened,” said Dr Mahathir in his latest blog posting.


“How the reduction is to be achieved during the stipulated period is not explained. The virus may not oblige and continue to plague the nation despite the timetable.

“We know, for example, the standard operating procedure (SOP) is intended to reduce the spreading of the pandemic. We also know that the movement-control order (MCO) is also intended to reduce infection.

“But the increase in the number of new cases means that the SOP and MCO have not been effective.”

He said Perikatan Nasional’s management of the pandemic is not very good and yet, changing the government now will not guarantee a solution.

“Some politicians believe that what we need to do is to have a Parliament. Yes, this is good and necessary. But many seem to think that all that is needed is to change government,” he said.

“I think a change is needed. But the likelihood is to get another weak government with a paper-thin majority. The concern would be about becoming prime minister – that’s all.”

He said while the government is listening and doing something to fix the situation, it could bring in professionals with vast experience to tackle the crisis.

Economists have told The Malaysian Insight that Putrajaya has left many important issues uncovered in its national recovery plan, including identifying solutions for the informal sector and the lack of a post-pandemic economic model.

They said the four-phase plan presented by the prime minister did not include protecting the social sectors or indicate how Malaysia would be positioned to resume trading and investing internationally.

They added that the plan takes too much time for the national economy to restart. – TMI