Manhunt for Suspect in Kota Baru Brutal Triple Murder

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Police are looking for 31-year-old Sharat s/o Eh Wang @ Pot, from Kampung Jubakar Darat in Tumpat in connection with the fatal incident.

  • Neighbour alerted police to man in a pool of blood in front of house
  • Couple and son murdered at their hardware goods store
  • Daughter seriously injured
  • Couple stabbed, children hit on the head with blunt object
  • Attack likely motivated by revenge
  • Assailant believed to be worker at the couple’s hardware shop
  • Suspect fled in the couple’s van

In what appears to have been a revenge-fuelled attack, a married couple was fatally stabbed and their son bludgeoned to death at their two-storey house-cum-hardware store in Taman Bahagia, Wakaf Mek Zainab, Kota Baru, yesterday.

The deceased were identified as father of four Kha Eng Ni, 42, wife, Chua Joo Seok, 37, and Kha Zee Hanz, 13.


The couple’s daughter, Kha Xing Rhuu, 15, who was struck on the head with a blunt object was seriously injured in the incident and was admitted in critical condition to the intensive care unit of the Perempuan Zainab II Hospital.

Kelantan deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Din Ahmad said the police were alerted of the killings by a telephone call at 2.30pm from a neighbour who saw Eng Ni’s blood-soaked body in front of the house.

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“The caller told the police that he saw a man’s body, lying in pool of blood, in the house.

“We then sent a team to investigate and discovered the three bodies,” he told reporters at the scene yesterday.

It is believed that the victims were discovered just an hour after they were attacked between 1.20pm and 2pm.

SAC Din said a police team found Eng Ni’s body in the living room, Joo Seok’s body in the kitchen and their son’s body at the store entrance.

The critically injured Xing Rhuu was found on the ground floor.

“The couple was stabbed several times in the chest with a sharp implement while their son and daughter were hit on the head with a blunt object.

“Initial investigations show that all victims were attacked one at a time.

“The lone assailant must have used a knife taken from the kitchen to commit the killings which appear to have been revenge-motivated as no money or valuables belonging to the family were taken. The assailant escaped in Eng Ni’s van.

“Blood-stained footprints, believed to be those of the killer were found at the foot of the steps of the two-storey house. We believe Eng Ni put up a struggle before he was stabbed to death.

“The house was the family’s hardware goods store and they were there to audit the goods,” SAC Din said.

He added that that two more family members, aged eight and 18, survived because they did not follow the family to the house.

“We are now looking for a worker, who is employed by the couple, in their hardware shop,” SAC Din said.

The worker was last seen driving a minivan belonging to the couple.

Police are investigating the case under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

This morning, Kelantan Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Fakri Che Sulaiman said they are looking for 31-year-old Sharat s/o Eh Wang @ Pot, from Kampung Jubakar Darat in Tumpat.

He said Sharat was an employee of the family.