MCO 3.0 do’s and don’ts

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What you can and cannot do, and what businesses can operate during the lockdown.

Aside from going to work, people may only leave the house to buy daily essentials and medical supplies, as well as for healthcare purposes.

It’s back to two people allowed to leave the house at a time and they may only travel within a 10km radius.


The only exception to the maximum capacity and 10km rule is if it was for a medical emergency.

While there is no curfew in place, Ismail advised people not to go out after 8pm as all businesses will be closed at that time.

Essential services

Only essential services are allowed to operate during MCO 3.0.

All manufacturing, if not related to essential services, will be barred under the total lockdown.

The services that will be permitted to operate are food production, health services (including veterinary services), water, energy, security, waste disposal, transport, communications (including media), credit (pawn shops), information technology, distribution, hotel services (for quarantine and isolation, not tourism), forestry (enforcement only) and logistics for delivery of essential services.

“All manufacturing will be barred unless it is for aerospace, food, printing and packaging for essential items, and cleaning products. All others will be closed,” said senior minister for security Ismail Sabri Yaakob during a press conference today.

Bernama“The manufacturing services that are allowed to be open will be subject to a 60% limit for staffing on the premises,” he added.

He said that all shopping malls will be closed other than for supermarkets, grocery stores, eateries and shops that sell daily necessities.


All food premises, including stalls, are allowed to operate during the lockdown, but only for takeaways and deliveries.

MITI letters

All Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) approval letters to operate businesses or travel for that purpose will cease to have effect from Tuesday.

“All prior approvals given by MITI will expire on May 31. All subsequent travel or operating approvals can be obtained from the relevant ministries,” Ismail said.


Under MCO 3.0, MITI approval letters were issued to those who needed to travel interstate or inter-district for approved economic activities that do not require police approval.

From June 1, these letters will be invalid to cross district and state borders even for work.