Mewa Means ‘Stupid’: Ministry’s New Acronym Still Under Discussion

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The acronym for the Ministry of Environment and Water is still under discussion and will only be decided at a cabinet meeting later, revealed its minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

The PAS deputy president told Malaysiakini this, following an allegation that the acronym for the ministry, Mewa, is akin to the Kelantan dialect word “mewa” which means confused or stupid (bingung atau bodoh).

“The naming of the ministry has been decided, which is the Ministry of Environment and Water.

“The acronym is still under discussion. This will be decided at the ministerial level.


“At the moment, we maintain the full name of the Ministry of Environment and Water,” Tuan Ibrahim said when contacted this morning.

Yesterday, it was announced that the Ministry of Environment has been rebranded to the Ministry of Environment and Water, with the acronym Mewa, in order to integrate water management and environmental sustainability.

Not long after the announcement, an online news portal reported that the acronym Mewa, which was based on the English word for the ministry’s name, meant confused or stupid in the Kelantan dialect.

According to online Bahasa Malaysia dictionary Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu (PRPM), mewa means confused (bingung) or stupid (bodoh), with the accompanying explanatory code “Kl” which refers to the Kelantan dialect.

When asked whether he would raise the issue of the unsuitability of the acronym later during a cabinet meeting, Tuan Ibrahim said all suggestions will be looked into.

“Management will discuss and look into various suggestions. For me, the name and the agency is clear. Keep working and improve capabilities (Teruskan kerja dan tingkatkan kemampuan),” he added. – Malaysiakini