MICCI: Avoid MyDigital suffering same fate as MSC

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The Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MICCI) is glad that the government has revisited the policy in transforming Malaysia into a knowledge-based economy through MyDigital.

MICCI executive director Shaun Edward Cheah said, however, the blueprint is a lofty idea similar to the inception of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).

He said the success of the programme should start by addressing some fundamental hurdles such as, the local education system – which has to have a Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) reset and the elevation of English Language proficiency, which is key in the ability of the future workforce to adopt and utilise technology.

Secondly, he said, efforts on digitalisation government services for efficiencies, transparency and cost optimisation is also vital.

“The digitalisation of all aspect of the public sector’s service delivery compels reluctant private sectors to digitalise so as to transact with the public sector.

“We believe that this would be the fastest way to encourage businesses to digitalise as shown by the pandemic that businesses were forced to adopt technology,” he said.

Government services digitalisation enables transparency and monitoring of service delivery which will eventually be more business-friendly, brings down the cost of doing business and pressure performance by government agencies, Shaun noted.

“At the moment, our internet infrastructure remains expensive and of not sufficient quality.

“There’s a need to be more assertive over the network providers to achieve a lower cost, higher speed and stable latency of our broadband network for any robust digitalisation to even see an inkling of success.

“MICCI awaits a more detailed committed statement or policy to address the above hurdles without which, the digital blueprint will end up with the same fate as the MSC,” he said.

Shaun further pointed out that MICCI as an organisation that is more than 184 years old and has survived many years due to the ability of its members to evolve with the times.

“We have recently set up a Digital Economy Group with membership from the majority of the digital platform players in the country,” he said, adding that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital platforms in the country. – NST