More Than Meets the Eye to Case of Child Beaten in Puchong

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Father of abused child lodges report against both abuser and person recording the abuse.

What we know now:

  • Abuser was maternal grandmother
  • Person who recorded footage a neighbour
  • Video circulated way after the incident
  • Girl is aged 6, youngest of 4 children
  • Woman said to be hot-tempered, verbally abusive

The father of the girl beaten mercilessly by her maternal grandmother in the video that went viral recently said the blame should also rest on the person who recorded the footage.

According to the father, who spoke on a Facebook video, the video of his child being beaten was allegedly recorded by a neighbour in her 50s.

The father, who was not named, questioned the motive of the neighbour and her lack of effort to save the girl from the harsh actions of his mother-in-law.

“Why you didn’t help her? If that’s the case I would say both of you are involved in this case,” he said.

He revealed that his daughter, Vaishanavi, aged six, is safe and in stable condition.

“I lodged a police report. I am not interested in punishing my mother-in-law but let the law take its course,” he said, adding that he is waiting for a full medical report from┬áSerdang Hospital to know when exactly the incident took place.

According to neighbours who immediately rushed to the house when they saw the video on social media on Monday, the abuse did not happen on that day itself but some time back.

It was said that the neighbour circulated the video after she and the woman had a disagreement.

Reportedly, the girl is the youngest of four siblings.

The double-storey house in Taman Puchong Perdana where the abuse took place has attracted much attention. Cars passing by slowed down, with their occupants staring curiously and some snapping pictures with their phones.

Malay Mail

According to the Malay Mail, neighbour Sasikala Murgan, 43, said the woman is known to be hot-tempered. She said people in the neighbourhood were afraid of her as she was “very loud”.

She related an incident several months ago when someone plucked her pandan leaves.

“The woman was so angry someone stole her pandan leaves and started screaming at everyone living nearby,” she said.

“She was cursing everyone with abusive words, and destroyed the entire plant so no one would steal anymore.”

Raja Edwin post

Meanwhile, Subang Jaya district police chief ACP Mohd Azlin Sadari said the woman has been remanded until Monday under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, which provides for a maximum fine of RM20,000 or a jail term up to 10 years, or both, upon conviction.

On May 28, also in the Subang Jaya district, a nine-year-old boy died from multiple injuries sustained as a result of years of being punched and caned by his parents in USJ.

Police said the boy’s 33-year-old father and 36-year-old mother had previous criminal records.