Moves Afoot to Replace Selangor MB in Sex-Video Spat

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Amirudin Shari’s position as the Selangor menteri besar is beginning to look shaky after he said he knew who was responsible for a sex video implicating Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali, said sources.

PKR and Umno sources told The Malaysian Insight there are moves afoot by supporters of PKR president Anwar Ibrahim to replace Amirudin, who is a staunch supporter of party deputy president Azmin.

One Barisan Nasional assemblyman said Anwar and Azmin’s supporters recently met Selangor opposition leader Rizam Ismail separately to obtain his support.

However, Selangor Umno has decided to stay out of PKR’s internal squabble as any change won’t affect the party’s position in the Selangor assembly, the source said.

“Supporters from both sides met us recently to get our views and support.

“As Umno only has five seats now, we will still be the opposition regardless of whether the menteri besar changes,” said the source.

Pakatan Harapan currently has 50 out of 56 seats in the Selangor assembly.

Of this, PKR has 21 seats, DAP (16), Amanah (8) and Bersatu (5) respectively.

In opposition – besides BN’s five – PAS has one seat.

Those against Amirudin also want to replace Selangor Speaker Ng Suee Lim to ensure he doesn’t block a no-confidence motion against the menteri besar in the state assembly, said Umno and PKR sources.

Amirudin’s position became untenable after he said the person behind the sex videos was someone who suffered a similar “dark period 20 years ago”.

Kamal Ariffin/TMI

It is believed that Amirudin, who is Sungai Tua assemblyman, was referring to the sodomy allegations against Anwar in 1998 when he was sacked from the government.

This culminated in the birth of the Reformasi movement and subsequently the formation of PKR.

The party’s disciplinary committee has since warned Amirudin and other leaders to stop making such statements.

Selangor Islamic enactment

Meanwhile, another source said the group opposing Amirudin wanted to give the impression that he had lost the support of legislators by failing to table amendments to the Selangor Islamic enactment recently.

The state assembly met for just two days (July 29 and 31), although it was initially scheduled to end on August 9.

However, The Malaysian Insight was told the sitting was cut short at Amirudin’s request.

Following the adjournment, BN and PAS assemblymen said Selangor PH split and Amirudin failed to garner sufficient support to pass the amendment.

“Is there a split in Selangor PH? They have 50 seats but can’t even table this important amendment,” said Rizam.

A source close to the Selangor government said such rhetoric was manufactured to make it appear that Amirudin has lost support.

“This is just a way to show that he no longer has support. We have more than 30 assemblymen backing Amirudin,” said the source.

The proposed amendment is to allow either parent to change the religion of their children under the age of 18, instead of both parents.

Another DAP assemblyman told The Malaysian Insight that Amirudin was advised to refer the amendment to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, before tabling it in the Selangor assembly.

“The majority of assemblymen didn’t agree with the amendment. They wanted the MB to look at the issue again before it was tabled,” said the source.

Another PKR lawmaker said if the amendment went ahead, it could split PH given the hot-button issue of unilateral conversions of children to another religion by one parent.

“We want this issue to be re-examined as this amendment has many political implications,” said the PKR lawmaker.

The assemblymen’s concerns were told to Amirudin during a meeting on July 26.

Amirudin also met PKR elected representatives on August 1. – TMI